Top 5 Android Apps 2017

Avast Antivirus

Avast has been among the race of best antivirus since 3 to 4 years.It is among free antivirus available on play store.It gives more features than any other free antivirus available on play store.This antivirus is free of In-app purchases.


Opera Max

You got it right not Opera Mini but Opera Max.It is must have app for every user as it saves our internet by creating a VPN of its own.It very different from a browser as it is not a browser but an internet saving app.It changes the way apps consume our data and saves net by 40 to 60% on many apps.



It is an app to increase knowledge. It gives knowledge not mainly on tech but also on health,food,etc.It also allows us to share our knowledge on this app.


Next Lock screen

It is a customizeable,beautiful lock screen by Microsoft. We have many shortcuts on this app such as WiFi, Bluetooth and we can attach many apps to the menu of this app.Must have app in 2017 works fluently and response is perfect..


Pi Music Player

A beautiful music app with friendly ui. We get many options in this music app than our main music app.It allows to theme the app..We can put album to a music file,edit its meta data(information about song) ,trim,etc.and it does not require much space in



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