NOKIA’S Comeback .My Thoughts

Everything of us one or the other have used a Nokia phone.This company was at the top till the smartphones came into the scene.The feature phone were so much advanced , innovative and super in build quality.But as years gone by phones became more and more smarter and Nokia tried to cope with the competition and buyed symbian OS which was the main operating system in Nokia phones till its Windows phone came into the scene.When Nokia started a partnership with Microsoft that they will use Windows in their in their phones.Nokia had to do this to keep with the competition in the phone world.But this strategy did not work as expected. and the Windows were not as successful in the market as expected by Nokia.Thats from where downfall of Nokia started.It continue to release new phones with Windows but they were not very successful due the presence of other OS like Android,iOS and Blackberry which were more user friendly than Windows.
The Windows App Store did not had much apps that were available on Android,iOS and Blackberry which forced people to move away from Windows and indirectly from Nokia.This started downfall of Nokia,it started everything to attract people with its phones but unfortunately it failed and Nokia was ruined.As Nokia was over with funds so Microsoft buyed the company and started making Windows phone under their name which also didn’t work.At last Nokia decided to be independent and start the company once again with Android phones.Nokia has tried its best for its new phones and tried its best to put best of innovation.In other words,this is second chance for Nokia.It is company that is to be compared with Samsung,Apple,HtC,Sony

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